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PE refers to the Petanque England

COB refers to City of Bath Petanque Club

GWR refers to Great Western Region Petanque

Ranking points will be awarded to Registered PE City of Bath PC players who have actually played and not just been a reserve in the following events:-

1. All PE National Open and ranking Events in all the age groups

2. All GWR Regional Tournaments and Events in all the age groups

3. City of Bath Open Triples

4. City of Bath Spring Open Doubles

5. City of Bath Closed Club Championship Events

6. City of Bath Internal Competition Doubles Ladder

7. PE Regional Championships – Hayling Island GWR Qualifier

Other events may be added by the Playing Manager and will be notified to the members at least 2 months prior to the event which is being added.

Events 1-5 and 7 - Points will be awarded as per the points allocation set out by the English Petanque Association. Click here for PE points allocation tables

Event 6 - Points will be allocated as stated in the City of Bath PC competition schedule

If the City of Bath Petanque Club has a male of female member who is a Squad manager or main organiser which prevents them from playing in a particular event then that person will gain an average score taken from all the male or female points gained from City of Bath Members participating in the championships.

The rankings will be updated on the first day of each month and only comes into effect from that day. The players ranking will be calculated on a rolling 12 month basis with the exception of the Club doubles ladder which will reset completely on the 1st January each year.

The rankings system along with the COB Squad positions will be used as a guide to pick the teams who represent the City of Bath Petanque Club in the PE Eurocup event, the Brunel League, the friendship games and all other PE City of Bath representative matches. From 2019 the order in which the teams will be selected will firstly be from the availability of the Premier Squad Members, then from the players availability in highest order first from your current PE ranking and then the COB ranking list. During the year the club will organise representative matches for all three levels of players against other clubs or associations this will mean that every squad player will get the chance to represent the club.